In addition to being the organizer of the Entrepeneurs Day at Horse Event, Academy Bartels is also the publisher of the Dutch magazine De Hippische Ondernemer from 2019 onwards. This magazine emphasizes the interests of equestrian entrepreneurs, their issues, wishes and visions. De Hippische Ondernemer publishes articles that support the management of the individual riding schools, training stables or stud farms. By providing information to both governments and the equestrian sector, the magazine also wants to prevent regulations that stand in the way of a healthy equestrian business climate.


De Hippische Ondernemer - Horse Event - Infodag - dressuurpaarden - Springpaarden - Professionals

The cooperating parties inform the equestrian entrepreneur about all developments in the equestrian sector. In addition to tax and legal articles, the magazine also has regular columns from FNHB, FNRS, Sectorraad Paarden, GGP, LTO and the Animal Health Service. The magazine is published six times a year in the amount of 7,300 copies.

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