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Do you have a huge passion for horses, just like us? Do you enjoy updating your knowledge and following the latest developments? Then visit our training centre, our lifestyle events or stay informed through our equestrian media.

It is also the place where we work with and for horses every day in peace and quiet, with attention, passion, and respect, and where well-being and having fun with horses always come first. Do you recognize yourself in this? For ambitious dressage riders, Academy Bartels offers multi-day training arrangements where everyone is welcome regardless of the level of rider and/or horse. Together with your horse, you will stay with us on the premises and follow training sessions and/or workshops. With our expertise and years of experience, (inter)national dressage riders up to Olympic level will find the best guidance with us. You can also come to us for support, guidance and/or mediation in the purchase and sale of dressage horses.




We offer 3-, 4- and 5-day of training programs for dressage riders of any level. During these days, you and your horse will stay with us on our property. Your horse is fully taken care of in our stables, and you stay in one of the hotel rooms on our property. 

In a training program, you attend training sessions with your horse with a successful Grand Prix rider or Olympic dressage rider. In addition, you will attend an instructive and interesting workshop. It is also possible to come and watch one of the training sessions with our own horses.

Together with a small group of like-minded people, you follow the training program. These training programs are experienced as very instructive and members describe it as a mini vacation with your horse. The big advantage is that you can work on your training goals with us in peace and with 100% focus.


Are you looking for a horse and would you like to be supported in this search? This is possible! Academy Bartels is happy to support the purchase and sale of dressage horses.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we have an eye for making perfect rider-horse combinations. We supervise the entire process, from search and veterinary inspection to the final purchase, as well as when a combination is formed. We do this for riders from the Netherlands and abroad, all ages, levels and price ranges. We guarantee honest and transparent communication and think along with you.

In addition to mediation, we also offer talented dressage horses for sale. These horses are trained by Olympic rider Imke Schellekens-Bartels and differ in age and level. For more information about the horses we currently have for sale, please contact us via the contact form below.


Do you have concrete sports goals? A championship you want to work towards? For ambitious riders there are possibilities at Academy Bartels to follow intensive training with your horse and to stay internally. Together we look for an appropriate training plan to achieve the desired goals. Up to Olympic level dressage riders find the best guidance with us. Although the pursuit of sport goals is challenging and good, our main goal always remains having fun with horses, with respect for people and animals.

Besides stabling with various forms of guidance we are also specialized in the mediation and guidance of buying and selling dressage horses.

Academy Bartels


Academy Bartels has been located at the beautiful Culitsrode estate in Hooge Mierde, Brabant, since 1972, where everything revolves around horses. The business was founded by Joep and Tineke Bartels. They built the company into a renowned and internationally well known business.

Successful (sports) periods followed one another, after which the construction of a new complex began in 1998. Tineke and Joep’s wish for an equestrian training centre was thus fulfilled. The Academy’s activities include training and refresher courses for dressage riders and training packages.

In the meantime, the company has grown to become not only an international Olympic dressage stable, but also a Media & Events agency. The children, Gijs and Imke Bartels, took over from their parents in 2004.

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