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Vampiro De Pereto Paard

“Vampiro” is a descendant of Asociación Nacional De Criadores De Caballos de Pura Raza Española. The brown one was bought by Gloriana Herrera, from Costa Rica.

Gloriana has already bought several horses through Academy Bartels, her first horse was Rhapsody. The combination competes in the Grand Prix under the Costa Rican flag.

Reference Gloriana Herrera
“My name is Gloriana Herrera, I live and train dressage in Costa Rica. I met the Bartels family around 2009, when I bought Rhapsody. It was a wonderful process, from beginning to end.

I tried the horse several times, we made videos on my riding and I got feedback after each ride. Once I chose the veterinarian, Joep organized everything in regards to the vet check. I was pleased with the results and purchased Rhapsody! The celebration was a memorable one!!

‘Rhap’ was elegant, sweet and was very well trained up to PSG-level. He was rather big for me, I’m super tiny and still the horse was rideable. I stayed at Academy Bartels to train with Imke and that was wise, as we became confident with each other quickly.  We went together to compete in the Pan Am Games representing my country. Also we travelled to a show at Wellington, Florida Circuit for a couple of seasons.

With the horse Rumiranova I represented Costa Rica in the Central American Games. Esperanto competed in the California Circuit and was sold in USA.

Now Vampiro, my current PRE partner, we competed in Central and Caribbean Games and in February 2021 we are in Wellington Florida for our third year in Grand Prix-level. Vampiro continues to give joy to my work every single day!

On our journey to try horses, we visited with Joep places in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Stockholm and Spain. Joep has the contacts, the networking, the honesty that we all look for when we want to invest in a new partner. Also it is important to mention that I had a specific budget and Joep was able to adjust the best options available within my possibilities. He has guided me in all processes of selecting, purchasing, vetting and transportation to Costa Rica.

Having the opportunity to train each horse at Academy Bartels made all the difference. The family’s experience and knowledge is very valuable and they address what is needed to make it a good combination. I will always be grateful for Tineke, Imke and Joep, always being supportive.”