Team Events Paard

Gijs Bartels

Gijs Bartels is, together with his sister Imke Schellekens-Bartels, in charge of Academy Bartels. Gijs is responsible for the department ‘‘Academy Events’. After finishing his studies Business Communication and Public Relations at the European University in Antwerp, Gijs started developing the Academy’s events branch. Gijs is married to Esther and is father of two sons: Stef and Jules.

Joep Bartels

Joep Bartels, husband of Tineke and father of Gijs and Imke, is the general advisor within Academy Bartels. As a rider Joep was active in the eventing sport. In addition he has studied psychology, has worked as a freelance journalist for newspapers such as the Telegraaf and NRC Handelsblad and he has written several books. Joep founded the equestrian management/publishing company BCM in 1975 and was the managing director until 1997. He was also a lecturer at HAS College and project manager of the Rabo Talent Plan.

Esther Tacken

Esther Tacken is the coordinator of the event office and responsible for the Global Dressage Forum. She also manages the secretariat of the International Dressage Trainer Club (IDTC). Previously Esther worked at the Dutch Equestrian Federation (KNHS), at BCM and as an assistant for a veterinarian. Esther is the sister of former Dutch jumping Champion Emile Tacken and has two sons with her husband Gijs Bartels.

Annet Broeckx

Annet Broeckx is a hostess at Academy Bartels and the face at the register during events. She coordinates the popular training packages and makes sure the guests get everything they need. She also deals with the reservations for the Global Dressage Forum. She has worked at the Rabobank for 20 years before Annet joined the Academy team,. Next to her part-time job at Academy Bartels she runs holiday park Vogelenzang. Annet has a daughter, Iris, who occasionally helps out during events.

Anne Knoops

Anne Knoops is responsible for the programming of Animal Event and Horse Event. In addition she is the project manager of Paard&Koets and the Dutch Pet Conference & Awards, the latest event of Academy Bartels. Anne has studied Touristic Management and Event Organization at Business School Notenboom. She had her traineeship at Academy Bartels and after a small detour, she was employed at Academy Bartels.

Steffie Walpot

Steffie Walpot coordinates the stand sales of Horse Event, Animal Event and Paard&Koets. She also coordinates the ticket systems at several events. She has a background in horse husbandry and has worked at a dressage stable at the beginning of her career. She combines her work at Academy Events with studying Facility Management.

Eline de Groot

Eline de Groot coordinates the marketing, communication and PR of Horse Event, Animal Event, Paard&Koets, Excellent Dressage Sales and Academy Bartels. She studied at SintLucas in Boxtel, as a Graphic Designer. Subsequently, she obtained her bachelor Communication at Fontys Hogescholen. After a small detour, this led to a job at a technically oriented organization where she took care of Marketing and Communications for the national and international market. After helping at Animal Event and Horse Event serveral times, she joined Academy Bartels in August 2017.

Marco van Gelder

Marco van Gelder is the facility manager of Academy Events. He coordinates all facilities for the events and maintains the Culitsrode Estate. After finishing his study at HAS College, Marco worked as a manager at Swanenberg Stable for three years. He has two daughters together with partner Mirella van Leeuwen.

Mirella van Leeuwen

Mirella van Leeuwen is involved as an event manager for one day a week. She also works as a lecturer in Event and Business Management at Aeres College in Dronten. Before she started working as a lecturer she worked at Academy Bartels for ten years as project manager. She was responsible for Animal Event and Horse Event. Mirella has studied at HAS College and has been around horses all her life.