Team Dressage Paard

Imke Schellekens-Bartels

Imke Schellekens-Bartels is responsible for the dressage stable. She trains the competition horses and provides  lessons and clinics. Imke belongs to the world’s top as a rider as well as a coach. Being the daughter of Tineke Bartels, Imke Schellekens-Bartels (1977) had the best training a dressage rider could wish for. After finishing secondary education she trained with Kyra Kyrklund in Flyinge, Sweden, for 10 months. Imke did part of the ‘Sporters Business Class’ and went to Deurne where she attended the first edition of the Masterclass. In 2013 Imke graduated as ‘top coach level 5’ at the KNHS.

Anja Coppens

Anja Coppens has a versatile range of duties within Academy Bartels. On the one hand, she focuses on financial tasks and operations, in which she gained the necessary knowledge from a career at Rabobank. On the other hand, as a “fresh outsider” she is responsible for the service provision to riders who taking training courses at Academy Bartels and she supports Joep Schellekens with the purchase and sale of horses. She is also involved in the organization of Excellent Dressage Sales.

Rodrigo Laserna

Columbian Rodrigo Laserna works at Academy Bartels since 2016. Thanks to his education at the Royal Andalusian School for Equestrian Art and his later job in the renowned equestrian complex in Heilan, China, he has developed a specialisation in the ground work of horses. Teaching piaffe and passage has become one of his specialities. Rodrigo is training some of the Academy Bartels horses by ground work. He teaches riders and horses the basic principles of ground work during clinics and training arrangements.

Jennifer Kneilmann

The German Jennifer Kneilmann is responsible for taking care of the horses. In her country of origin, she was supervisor at Raffeisen for years. When she was nine years old, she got her first pony. Until she moved to the Netherlands in 2010, she always has had an own horse which she competed in dressage. In the Netherlands Jennifer has worked for several jumping stables, such as the yards of Leopold van Asten and Rob Ehrens, until she joines Academy Bartels. Jennifer trains for marathons and has participated in marathons in different countries.

Tineke Bartels

Tineke Bartels founded Academy Bartels together with her husband Joep. She has been active at top level in international equestrian sport for many years. Tineke turned to dressage in the early 80s after a jumping and eventing career. She competed at four Olympic Games, and she was very successful with her pupils. She has worked as national coach of the Juniors and Young Riders. Tineke studied at the Sports Academy, followed all ORUN courses and is a Master Coach of the NOC*NSF.

Joep Schellekens

Joep Schellekens, Imke’s husband, is responsible for Sales and Acquisition of horses. Joep is one of the team members of the biannual auction Excellent Dressage Sales. Joep was involved in Imke’s career with, among others, Sunrise, Lancet and Toots. After his study at the Conservatoire and a career in business, Joep started working at our family business. Joep and Imke have one son: Joep Junior.

Desirée Bleeker

Desirée Bleeker is the stable manager at Academy Bartels, according to Desirée, her ‘dream job’. She has a lot of experience in dealing with both horses and ponies. She has worked at several stallion stations, dressage and training stables. She studied HBO Business Management in the UK before returning to the Netherlands. She worked in an office for quite a few years and she switched to her current job in 2016. She is a ‘competition instructor level 4’ and competed on ‘ZZ-Zwaar’ level.

Kim Anbeek

Kim Anbeek is assistant stable manager. Kim finished the MBO Equestrian Sport course at the Helicon NHB Deurne successfully and started working at the Broere Stables where she gained experience. Then she went to the ‘Gulle Ruif’ in Heukelom before coming to work at Academy Bartels.

Lars op ‘t Hoog

Lars op ’t Hoog is stable rider at Academy Bartels. He owns a stable, ‘’t Witte Paardje’, together with his parents. He has trained with Imke and Tineke when he was riding ponies and as a Junior. He studied commercial economy at the Johan Cruyff University, but interrupted those studies when he was offered a job at Academy Bartels. Lars competes in many young horse competitions and rides up to Grand Prix level. In addition to his job at Academy Bartels he trains his own horses at home and rides several horses for owners.

Kathelijne Courtens

Kathelijne Courtens is working as Imke’s groom. She went to the Rio Olympic Games with Akane Kuroki and Toots. Kathelijne grew up with horses at the riding school of her parents. She did a traineeship at Academy Bartels in 2010. She studied French and History in Belgium before accepting a job at Academy Bartels.

Hanna Blom

Hanna Blom is assistant stable manager and groom. She learned the trade at the Jasper Stable, a large riding school and stable in Haarlemmermeer. After her part-time course in Equestrian Business Administration she started working at Academy Bartels.

Paulien de Geijter

Paulien de Geijter takes care of the interior and the catering at Academy Bartels. She is the face of the staff’s catering during the events. She has worked at Academy Bartels since 2009 and has enjoyed every minute. Previously she worked for ‘Defence’ and in the catering sector. “In my work I meet nice and friendly guests from the Netherlands and abroad. It gives my work something special. For instance, I met Chere Burger from South-Africa at Academy Bartels and it turned into a friendship. I even visited her at home.”

Marion Janssen

Marion Janssen is responsible for cleaning at Academy Bartels, where she has worked since 2016. Before she worked at the ‘Klooster Zusters’ in Reusel and other places.

Jarno de Wert

Jarno de Wert has worked in the stables since 2015 at Academy Bartels. In addition to his work at Academy Bartels his hobby is driving. He drove Friesians originally and currently drives Haflingers.

Henk van den Hout

Stable employee Henk van den Hout started to work at Academy Bartels in 2015 after a 50 year career as a carpenter and furniture maker. Henk has also been active in equestrian sport for over 55 years. The proud father and grandfather likes to share his hobby with his children and grandchildren.