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Rodrigo Laserna Paard

Rodrigo Laserna, from Colombia, worked at Academy Bartels before taking the step to start his own business. He was educated at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art at Jerez de la Frontera (Spain). Here he rode in the famous school quadrille and he took part in performances abroad. From Jerez he was sent to Shanghai (China), where he helped to set up the quadrille at the famous company Heilan. This is the moment when the paths of Rodrigo and Academy Bartels crossed, because here he met Imke. “During my training in China, I noticed that Rodrigo was extremely motivated to move on.

He wanted to grow in the sport and ended up in our stables. Then I found out that he can work very well with the horses, a technique that we did not have that much experience with. For some horses that can work very well, they get confidence and you can develop them gymnastically without the weight of the rider. ”

During various training arrangements from Mischa, guests are given the opportunity to attend a groundwork training from Rodrigo. Rodrigo shows how he trains the horses by hand and clearly explains why it can be a valuable addition.