Training Arrangements Paard

Everyone who wants improve their dressage technique is welcome to follow a training event of four to six days at Academy Bartels. When you are here, you will stay in a hotel room or apartment of the beautiful Culitsrode estate. During your stay you will take a look behind the scenes. You will get daily lessons with your own horse and follow the trainings of the Academy riders. Workshops are offered such as Flexchair, Sports psychology, Test drive, Horse physiotherapy and Fitness.


15 Jan – 18 Jan 4-day Imke  Limited
29 Jan – 1 Feb 4-day Mischa  Limited
5 Feb – 10 Feb 6-day Imke  FULL
19 Feb – 22 Feb 4-day Imke  Limited
26 March – 31 March 6-day Imke  FULL
22 May – 26 May 5-day Mischa  FULL
26 May – 2 June 6-day Imke  FULL
4 June – 7 June 4-day Mischa  FULL
25 June – 28 June 4-day Imke  FULL


6-day training event
The six-day training arrangements are given by Imke Schellekens-Bartels or Tineke Bartels. You will get four lessons from Imke or Tineke. One day is about “sitting and acting” under the direction of Mischa Koot and Saskia Heijkants or Nicoline van Dantzig, with the help of the Flexchair. You will also get tips from Fitness instructor Bouke van Spreeuwel and you can use the fitness facilities. On one of the days, Tineke will provide a clinic with personal explanations afterwards or another guest lecture.

4-day training event
The four-day training arrangements are given by Imke Schellekens-Bartels, Tineke Bartels or Mischa Koot. During the training of Imke or Tineke, you will receive a three-day class and follow a guest lecture on “sitting and working” with Mischa Koot and Saskia Heijkants or Nicoline van Dantzig with the help of the Flexchair. In the four-day arrangement of Mischa Koot you will receive a four-day lesson from Mischa, one of which is spent on “sitting and working” in combination with the Flexchair accompanied by Saskia Heijkants or Nicoline van Dantzig. You will get tips from Fitness instructor Bouke van Spreeuwel and you can use the fitness facilities during this training.

Training program for competitions
In cooperation with a renowned jury member, Mischa Koot takes care of five-day training arrangements that are fully signposted in driving competitions. At the beginning of the week, a trial will be recorded on video along with the judge’s comments. Then a workbook is drawn up with the goals to be achieved. During this week, attention is also paid to sports psychology through a guest lecture by Sanne Beijerman. On the fifth day, you will try again and immediately bring your learning goals into practice.


6-day arrangement Imke / Tineke
1 person with 1 horse: € 1.240, –
2 persons with 2 horses: € 1.140, – per person
Additional costs: € 430, –
Additional horse costs: € 530, –

4-day arrangement Imke / Tineke
1 person with 1 horse: € 940, –
2 persons with 2 horses: € 790, – per person
Additional costs: € 279, –
Extra horse costs: € 361, –

4-day arrangement Mischa Koot
1 person with 1 horse: € 820, –
2 persons with 2 horses: € 720, – per person
Additional costs: € 279, –
Additional horse costs: € 341, –

5-day match-based arrangement Mischa Koot
1 person with 1 horse: € 967, –
2 persons with 2 horses: € 887, – per person
Additional costs: € 334, –
Extra horse costs: € 437, –

There are limited possibilities for upgrading to a luxury apartment (max 3 persons), subject to a surcharge.

Extra information Paard

During your stay you will experience everything of an Olympic dressage stables and learn a lot about dressage sports. Not only do you study the lessons, but also look at the Academy riders training. Check-in is between 10.00 and 12.00. You will be welcomed at Culitsrode estate by one of our staff members.

Accommodation / meals
All rooms have two comfortable single beds, these are made up and there are plenty of towels provided. We recommend you to bring or rent a bike if you do not have a car at your disposal. The arrangements are based on self-catering. Each room has a kitchenette with fridge, microwave, toaster, kettle, cutlery and crockery. On the day of arrival, the refrigerator is filled with a ‘starter pack’ consisting of bread, milk, cold meats and fruit. On the first day there is a welcome dinner with the Academy team.

You will receive a voucher of € 20, – for a dinner at St Peter’s Restaurant or Inn St. Paulus, located at the Vrijthof in Hilvarenbeek (12 km) or at The Estate on the Lagemierdseweg in Esbeek (7 km). You will also receive a voucher for a drink with pastries at Herberg In den Bockenreyder on the Dunsedijk in Esbeek, in the middle of the beautiful forests of Landgoed de Utrecht (5 km). All restaurants are open 7 days a week. For simple, cheap and good food you can go to the café / cafeteria ‘t Dörp on the church street in Hooge Mierde (closed on Monday). Some groups like to cook for themselves in our library. Ask the office for the possibilities. At the Village Square in Lage Mierde (1 km) you will find a fresh market (butchery, bakery, vegetable / fruit). The nearest supermarket is the Emté at the Schoolstraat in Reusel (5 km).

It is possible to bring your dog with a supplement of € 30, -. Please leave your dog out of the field.

Horses / classes
Daily discussions will be held on the next day. The lessons are given in groups of two or three riders. Wearing a safety cap is mandatory. The Academy staff carries out all the horses and manure the stables. At the start, our stewards will review the feed ration and any special wishes. It is possible to use the Academy Bartels feed or to bring your own feed. The range consists of hay, oats, various breads and mixes of the brand Havens. The horse boxes are filled with wood shavings and can be supplemented with straw if desired. A stall with straw must be requested in advance. The use of a paddock is possible in consultation with the stall manager. Your horse must be vaccinated and you must bring the vaccine book. In the morning, our staff will start working at 7.30 to feed the horses and approx 8.30 our riders will train the (competition)horses. Making video recordings of your own lessons is permitted after the permission of the other rider (s) during your class.

During the arrangements a Fitness program is also offered. From our Fitness instructor Bouke van Spreeuwel you will receive a personal training advice which you can continue when you are back at home. During your stay, the gym is open from 09:00 to 12:00. Do not forget about your sportswear.