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Talents Training Center Paard

Academy Bartels is an official Talents Trainings Center (TTC) of the Royal Dutch Equestrian Sports Federation (KNHS). Three Academy trainers are working at the highest level with the KNHS Trainers Platform. Academy Bartels organizes training for young talented riders and coaches the KNHS Talent Plan. We also give traineeships to riders with a disability, such as the paralympic dressage riders.

A Talents Training Center, recognized by the KNHS, aims to assist equestrians in their development and to advance to the (inter)national top. The training is given by means of a KNHS approved annual workplan in which vision, goals, selection procedures, training program and educational support are included. This means that in addition to rideabilty, there is also attention for features such as competition tension, training schedule, stable management, tools and transport.

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